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The styling and colours you choose for your windows and doors can be used to complement your property style, and reflect your individual style.

Below, we’ve detailed how to tick the traditional styling boxes vs modern options.

Traditional and classic styling

If you dream of a traditional “English cottage” and you’re looking to refurbish your period property, we’d recommend selecting classic window and door designs to complement the appearance of your home.

When considering materials, wood options can provide a timeless feel that complements aged stone and leafy locations. And, due to wood being highly durable, it also represents a quality investment when compared to cheaper PVC-U alternatives, which can draw attention away from striking architectural features.

Contemporary, modern choices

If ultra-modern, Scandinavian-influenced designs are more your thing, we would recommend aluminium windows and frames. They can be tailored to any shape or size while incorporating a wide range of different colours, enabling you to design and create whatever your heart desires.

Take a look at our case study “The Cut” to discover how a family home was transformed with contemporary style windows.

Read "The Cut"

FACT: At Rationel our products can be designed in over 200 colours from our RAL classic colour range. And, we have a selection of six “granite colours” that are available for our aluminium product range and come with a textured finish.

Customisable extras from Rationel

In addition to traditional and contemporary design features, at Rationel we offer additional customisable options for window and door products.

This includes:

  • Size - Once you decide on which opening style you’d like (options include sidehung, topswing, tilt & turn and more which can be found here) you can view the minimum and maximum sizes the products are available in.
  • Combination units – You can choose to have one large framed window that combines different fixed or opening windows. However, this will depend on the glass used in the frames – whether it’s double or triple glazed, or special glass such as solar – as this can affect the overall unit weight. 
  • Glass – Triple and double glazed options are available, as well as obscure and solar options, too.
  • Handles – Which are available with child restrictors and locking handles.
  • Colours – We have more than 200 different options for you to choose from, and it’s possible to select a different internal and external colour. 
  • Vents – Trickle vents can be incorporated into the frames to provide ventilation. 
  • Glazing bars – You can choose as many of these as you’d like. 
  • Circular or angled windows – Depending on the weight and angles of the units you’d like, we can tailor windows and doors to suit your exact preferences.
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