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Windows and doors should be considered as an investment – when the right materials are used in their construction, they can last for up to 80 years.

But what are the best features to look for to achieve this long product life cycle?

Engineered timber

Engineered timber is built using a manufacturing process that enhances the strength of the timber and reduces the impact from twisting and warping, as the “weak” pieces of wood are removed. In comparison, traditional timber windows are made from individual pieces of wood that can weather and age quickly. 

Type of timber

Whilst there are many different types of timber available in the construction industry, at Rationel, we recommend using pine timber (pinus sylvestris) due to its slow growth and resulting high density that means it has increased durability and will last longer than other alternatives. 

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How to enhance security with windows and doors

Windows and doors should provide the utmost security for your loved ones and precious belongings. But what should you consider when choosing products?

Secured by Design

Secured by Design” (SBD) is the official UK Police flagship initiative that recognises and certifies products that comply with  very high security standards. 

It is a voluntary scheme established in 1989 by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) that focuses on improving the security of buildings and properties by design.

It encourages design and specification of building products to ensure crime prevention through physical security measures, and operates a licensing scheme where member companies can use the SBD logo on certified products.

To comply with the certification, product samples are submitted to the testing facility where they are checked by the SBD membership licensing scheme. 

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